Internet Business Solutions


We use high reliability, stable Unix and Linux servers for all of our web hosting needs. Our experience tells us that while Windows might be an acceptable platform for the desktop, it's not acceptable to have a server that might crash once a week. Unix/Linux server platforms have proven to be highly reliable and very efficient with server resources. We find that a well configured, properly maintained Unix server is unbeatable for uninterrupted web service.

On the software side, we are well versed in HTML, DHTML, XML, Perl, PHP, Unix shell scripts, Java, JSP, SQL and C/C++. Having such a broad knowledge of the available technologies means we have the perspective to recognize the appropriate tool for any given task.

While we use Macromedia products for most of our web design work, we have a thorough understanding of the underlying HTML concepts, meaning we can refashion "canned" website designs produced by graphical editors to meet the specific needs of a design.