Internet Business Solutions

Web Applications

While web applications are considered the "next big thing" on the internet, it's much more than a fad. The concept of a web application is simple: The program runs on the web server where you host your site and the internet provides the connection to the user's computer for input and output. Because the connection is through well established web standards, any user device can be used. It doesn't matter if your customers are using Windows (any version), a Macintosh, Linux, a cell phone, a wireless laptop or even a video game console such as the Sony Playstation - if they have access to the web, they have access to your application.

A well designed web application will present a similar user interface across all devices to all locations - you'll be able to access and update your daily schedule from an internet cafe or your PDA just as easily as you can from your desktop. The benefits a web application provides for your customers is 24/7 access to your business from any location.

Web applications are much more functional when compared to typical websites. They are usually database driven and can store information for (and about) the visitors. They can provide flexible, intelligent answers to the customers needs instead of simple, static web pages. These applications allow you to personalize the experience to each visitor's needs - again making it easier for them to find the product or solution they're looking for.