Internet Business Solutions
Listed are sites where Sonoma Graphics was directly
responsible for site design, programming or hosting.

Carlos Auto Sales
A simple website to provide a web presence for a local auto dealer. Site was automated so the owner could update the inventory simply by sending emails with descriptions and photos.

FoodGuy and Marcy and Food, Wine and Marcy
Food, wine and lifestyle site supporting syndicated and online radio show from Guy Fieri and Marcy Smothers. Inherited website layout, updated graphics, funcion and navigation. Added programming to support producer-updated "scroller" updates, "Snack" programming and created Blogger website to match original site's feel.

Russian River Brewing Company
Complex website for a world-class, award winning local brewer. Site includes an online store, blog, calendar, bottle log and owner-updated chalkboard with today's selections. Currently undergoing major revisions and server move (Oct, 2009) not responsible for existing (checkerboard) site graphics.

Logo design and hosting.

New Local News
Site design, content and hosting on a scalable cloud server. Used as a testbed for news collection and presentation software under development.

Your Living Trust
Website for a lawyer who provides estate planning for clients in San Francisco and Sonoma County. A clean design was selected to simplify presentation to the audience.

Retire Risk Free
Website for a reverse-mortage consultant. Site includes background information on reverse mortgages and sales information. Non-complex navigation and text was specifically chosen because typical visitors are retirees.

George Bright
Radio website for Sonoma County based talk-radio host. Site utilized custom tailored "weblog" software which permits adding links and updates, commenting on news items and linking to archived shows.

D&G Property Rentals
Home rental site was designed for a modern look and an easy-to-read format. The site was specifically designed so the client could update listings pages without paying a web designer for daily changes.

An informational site about artificial food coloring. Site includes history, tutorials, an extensive list of foods and a PHP based discussion board.

A highly functional web application for vacation rental management. Includes reservation, billing, accounting, maintenance and reporting modules that are accessible from any location.

Big Freebies
Reworking of an existing article-based site. The new design has a coherent visual framework that makes site navigation more efficient and removes the visual clutter.

A highly graphical, Flash based web application that provides live, online counseling services. Application has an integrated calendaring, reservation, chat and billing system.

Big Brother Fans
Fansite for the CBS "Big Brother" television show demonstrating design, programming and community building.

Vacation home rental site featuring a Flash based interactive map showing home locations and features.